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Eternity family office is a private and objective advisory office for HNWI and companies looking for a personal "in-house" advisory or a family office service that covers all their needs today and in the future.

Our goal is to give a high-level wealth advisory by knowing in-depth the client's needs and having a holistic view of the client's total accounts' assets domestic and abroad, in order to give the client a "one-stop-shop" experience.

our ambition is to maximize the client's account performance,

by using the right risk-reward investments ratio which considers the client's risk profile and needs.

The CEO and owner, Ravit Lego, has over 20 years of successful experience in the capital markets in vast executive positions with accumulated AUM (assets under management) of over 2 billion NIS, she managed hundreds of U/HNWI (Ultra-high- net- worth individuals) and companies' assets in Israel and abroad, moreover, she managed Mutual funds which covered the Israeli and foreign capital markets, with an Advisory license from ISA (Israel security authority), Economics BA and MBA from leading universities.

above all -her focus is on her client's needs and prosperity.

We will be happy to assist you and your company to start a new way of investing ideas and reaching your next financial achievement.


You're welcome to a discreet and unobligated meeting, please contact us: 


5, Hatidhar St. Akro A-Tower 10th floor Ra'anana






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